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How much does a Microcement cost?

This really does vary quite a lot depending on a number of factors, including system selected, overall area, finish etc. A typical flooring installation can range between £110-£150 per m2 and wall installations between £90-£150 per m2. We're more than happy to provide a no obligation estimate, so just get in touch with the desired finish, the total number of square metres, and the location of the job.

What can Microcement be Applied onto?

Microcement is a very versatile material and can go onto almost any surface with the correct preparation. Typical substrates for flooring installations would be concrete, cement based screeds, cement board and some timbers. We can also apply directly over existing tiles. Wall coatings can be applied over plaster, cement board and some timbers.

How long does a Microcement Installation take?

Microcement is applied in multiple layers by hand, which means it isn't a quick process.

A full belt and braces wall or floor system installation would require us to be on site for a minimum of 6 days. Total time required can increase, depending on various factors, such as overall area, finishes selected etc.

Is Microcement Durable?

The microcement product that we use is an epoxy resin based material and has been specifically designed with durability in mind. The main principle of our microcement is that every layer in the system is fully waterproof. The sealers act as a sacrificial layer and help prevent staining and dirt retention, they are NOT required to make the cement waterproof. This is achieved by using epoxy resin hybrid technology. Without sealers the cement also has good stain resistance which is further enhanced with the application of sealers.

When should I schedule the Microcement in?

Microcement is a finishing product, so we should be one of the last trades to work on a project. If the area includes a kitchen, it's not uncommon for us to come in after the kitchen has been installed. Alternatively, you can install kitchens on top of microcement, but you need to ensure adequate protection of the finish as damages are costly to rectify. In the instance of bathrooms ,we would apply the coatings prior to second fix plumbing.

Does Microcement Crack?

Microcement will not crack of its own accord, it will only crack if there are cracks or movement in the subfloor. It is important that we work closely with your main contractor from early on in the project to ensure the subfloor is suitably prepared for microcement.




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